India faced humiliation at FATF meeting, says Qureshi

By: News Desk      Published: 05:09 PM, 23 Feb, 2020
India faced humiliation at FATF meeting, says Qureshi

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Sunday that economic interest of most of the world powers is attached with India that’s why it’s response on Kashmir is slower than expected.

Voices, however, being raised in all major parliaments of the world against the Indian state terrorism in occupied Kashmir and the four-month-long blockade.

Talk to people and later to media men in Multan, FM Qureshi said that India had faced humiliation in the meeting of Financial Action Task Force as all its plots to blacklist Pakistan turned out to be futile.

“Pakistan would be out of grey list soon.”


Terming peace deal between the US and Taliban major diplomatic victory of Pakistan, the FM said the agreement would bring peace in the entire region. Pakistan would continue to play an important role in uplift of Afghanistan.

Qureshi said some elements were pointing fingers at Pakistan in connection with the Afghan crisis but now its role is being acknowledged at the international level.

Due to certain issues in Afghanistan, Pakistan has focused on its western border, however the situation on eastern border is also a bit sensitive.

He said that Pakistan would get a chance to participate in rebuilding Afghanistan while bilateral trade would also get a boost due to peace. It was firm opinion of the PTI government since day first that peace in Afghanistan would come through dialogue and not war. No one expected that Afghanistan and the USA would sit on the table for dialogue and Pakistan would play its reconciliatory role despite the presence of saboteurs. “Our South Asian strategy is in front of you. Today our role is being appreciated. Pakistan accepted a big responsibility and discharged it successfully,” he claimed.


He said 2020 would be the year of economic prosperity and the government would provide some good news to the nation very soon.

Those predicting demolition of the government or sending it packing are, actually, making noise to avert accountability.

He said that some people’s desire to demolish the government, bring in-house change and see mid-term election would remain unfulfilled and the government would complete its term.

The government is facing a big mafia, which is spreading rumours. “It is for the first time in national history that big fish have been caught. The looters of national wealth will have to face accountability. We’ll recover looted national money,” he declared. He said that it was the desire of those people who rejected in last election by the people.

The government has been taking solid steps to control price hike and hoarders would be dealt with an iron hand. Initiatives like Ehsaas Programme are being taken to bring ease to the lives of people and these steps would remove the sense of deprivation from poor sections of society.


The FM is said that there is no Coronavirus case in the country and foolproof measures have been taken to check its spread. Pakistanis who were diagnosed as having the virus have recovered and Chinese authorities are taking care of them. Qureshi quoted Chinese president as having said that “all Pakistanis in China are being taken care of like their own children.”

He expressed concern over Coronavirus deaths in Iran and said that measures are being taken to check its spread.