Khanpur ‘churail’ turns out to be a transgender

By: News Desk      Published: 07:15 PM, 23 Jan, 2021
Khanpur ‘churail’ turns out to be a transgender

People in Khanpur had got hold of a ‘churail’ (witch) who became a ‘symbol of terror’ for them for quite some time.

Now, it has emerged that the ‘witch’ was actually a transgender who disguised in a ‘witch’ costume to terrorize people, reported Rohi TV channel.

Residents in Khanpur area of Ghareebabad captured a person on Friday, who wore a witch get-up and roamed freely on the roads and terrorized people in the area for several days.

The residents were also afraid that the ‘witch’ might be a member of the dacoits' gang and they sent her to conduct recce of the different places.

On learning that the people have detained the ‘witch’, the local police rushed to the spot so that the residents could not harm her. Local police lodged FIR against the transgender disguised in the witch costume.

The interesting thing is that the woman while wearing the ‘witch’ make-up also tied ghungroos (bracelet around the ankle) to her feet, alerting the residents in advance wherever she went.