Meet the secret menu of WhatsApp!

WhatsApp will launch a new ‘emergency’ function to prevent its users from being hacked

By: News Desk
Published: 08:39 AM, 23 Jan, 2022
Meet the secret menu of WhatsApp!
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Everything seems to indicate that the famous application of WhatsApp has a secret menu in which you will find extra functionalities that perhaps you did not know it had and that we will explain below.

The truth is that WhatsApp keeps updating and with it, there are different functionalities that make its operation a little more complicated, however, many of them have time in the application and many of them are in the ‘secret menu’.

East ‘secret menu’ is hidden in the icon of the application itself and that we can easily activate with a medium press.

In this we find some quite useful shortcuts to be able to carry out tasks without having to first open the messaging application.

You will have quick access to the last three conversations in which you have interacted, the three most recent, a touch on these conversations will allow us to open them directly, you can also create a direct access to the conversation and place it anywhere on your desktop.

In addition, you will also find a direct access to the camera so that we can take a quick photo to share with any of our conversations, as well as a direct access to the widgets to place any of them on the desktop.

Then at the top of this ‘secret menu’ we will find two icons, one of them has the appearance of an hourglass and will serve to pause the application, to freeze it and stop it from working for the rest of the day.

The other has the appearance of an information button and takes us to the application info on our mobile device from where we can uninstall it, check which version it is updated to and more.

It should be noted that all this can be done in WhatsApp without having to open the application, simply by leaving your finger clicking on the icon and displaying this ‘secret menu’ that it offers us, some options may vary depending on what version of Android you have and what customization layer.

‘Emergency’ function to prevent hacking 

Cybercrime is growing at a very fast pace. Cybercriminals are becoming more agile and dangerous by using new technologies and everyday applications like WhatsApp. For this reason, the application continues to impose new rules on its users in order to provide greater security against hacking or account theft.

“Double factor”, “double verification” or “two-step verification” is an additional security option. It is done from the user’s authentication in two moments during the account opening period. For example, one verification can be the fingerprint on the cell phone and another can be a pin number or a password that includes letters and numbers.

The messaging company hopes that its users apply to this new tool before its use becomes mandatory and the possibility of losing the account. For this reason they explain step by step how to do it.

The first thing to do is go to “Settings”, choose “Account”, there a series of options are displayed in which you have to select “Two-step verification”. Then it will give the possibility to configure a PIN number (which will be at the user’s choice). Once set up, the app will ask for a six-digit code or password. In this step you can also enter the email so that in case you forget the pin or password, you can recover the account.

When double authenticity is activated, you have to be careful because in the event of an error or doubt, the application will be blocked and access to the account will be prevented, and it must be recovered through email verification.

The main objective of this “new rule” is to prevent cybercrime from increasing and users from going through bad times. Specialists in technology and from WhatsApp explain that the more locks or passwords your personal information has, the better.–