Hina Altaf reveals she said ‘I do’ to Aagha Ali on the phone

By: News Desk      Published: 12:38 PM, 23 May, 2021
Hina Altaf reveals she said ‘I do’ to Aagha Ali on the phone
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Pakistani television actress Hina Altaf and actor Aagha Ali have been serving some major couple goals over social media.

The couple or more appropriately two fast friends bound in a romantic relationship have appeared at the set of ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’ and dived deep in to the tale of how they met leading to them falling in ‘true love’.

You must want to know how Aagha and Hina got married? Then keep on reading!

While Hina and Aagha were working as co-stars at the set of a drama serial called ‘Dil-e-Gumshuda’, they hit it off instantly and became fast friends.

Obviously after moments of utter joy and companionship they came to the conclusion that both of them want to settle down after marriage.

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However we believe Aagha was finding it difficult to accept his intense feelings for his co-star therefore it took some effort for Aagha’s mother to help him realise that he has fallen in love with Hina Altaf.

Mothers are no less than God’s miracles, always having exact idea of how her child feels about a certain issue.

And Aagha revealed himself that his mother knows him a bit too well.

When Aagha understood that he has fallen hard for the television actress, he proposed to Hina over a phone call.

We believe Aagha’s intention might be totally pure but the method through which the actor asked for Hina’s hand in marriage might prove to be a bit irresponsible and Aagha why were you in such a hurry?

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Aagha declared over the set, “Hina and I were shooting for our drama “Dil-e-Gumshuda” and became really good friends while working on that project. After spending some time together we came to know that both of us need to settle down after getting married. My mom knows me so well and she helped me believe that I like Hina and I should ask her if we can get married. That was such a random proposal because I asked it on a phone call.”

Hina also shared her perspective, “Me and Aagha’s mother used to play an online game together before we decided to marry and I had talked to her a couple of times so she knew what kind of a girl I am.”