Lahore lowers to second position in worst air quality index

By: News Desk      Published: 11:06 AM, 23 Nov, 2021
Lahore lowers to second position in worst air quality index
Commuters make their way along a bridge amid smoggy conditions in Lahore.–AFP

The country is still in the grip of air pollution. Lahore has become the second most polluted city in the world after sitting on top for so many days. Now Bangladesh capital, Dhaka attains the top ranking of the most polluted city followed by Delhi, reported 24NewsHD TV channel on Tuesday.

Entire Punjab is engulfed by hazardous smog. Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sahiwal have become bastions of the air pollution

Like other cities of the province, the air quality in Arif Wala is also bad. The kiln factories making bricks in the city are real source of spreading pollution. The dangerous smoke they are emitting is causing breathing problems and eye diseases. 

LHC hears anti-smog petitions 

On the other hand, the Lahore High Court heard petitions against rising level of smog in Lahore.

Justice Shahid Kareem heard the miscellaneous petitions filed by Haroon Farooq. Lord Mayor Col ® Mubashar Javed and chief corporation officer appeared before the court. 

The commission formed by the court submitted a fresh report regarding air pollution

The court asked the Lahore mayor that since he was custodian of the city, he should take steps to improve the air quality index. He told him to appoint a focal person and take measures to remove encroachments. He further added if the mayor ran short of funds, he should inform the court. 

Justice Shahid, however, expressed his satisfaction that Lahore which was the most polluted city in the world, now an improvement had started coming over here. He said that the Punjab government had started taking anti-smog measures and it had issued a notification in this regard. 

The court ordered mayor, who complained of paucity of funds and receding authority, to appoint his focal person who would work in collaboration with other departments and the CTO. 

Reporters Malik Ashraf and Shehzad Ahmad