Mushk - an absolutely phenomenal drama serial after a long time

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 02:15 PM, 23 Sep, 2020
Mushk - an absolutely phenomenal drama serial after a long time

Ongoing drama serial Mushk, penned down by the multi-talented Imran Ashraf, also playing one of the lead roles in the show, and produced by Momina Duraid, has indeed gained immense popularity among the Pakistani audience with its unconventional and truly phenomenal script. 

Featuring an absolutely brilliant cast, the drama's storyline revolves around the life-changing events that take place within the lives of Mehak (Momal Sheikh), Shayan (Osama Tahir), Guddi (Urwa Hocane) and Ahad (Imran Ashraf) and explores the many struggles young adults belonging to feudal backgrounds face even in today's modern era. 

What's amazing about Mushk is that apart from the plot of the story being far from that of the mainstream, typical drama serials that are shown on screen today, what has really captivated the audience to the point where people find it extremely difficult to patiently wait till the next episode airs is, indeed, the remarkable acting skills demonstrated by each member of the cast in the serial.

Playing the role of Ahad, Imran Ashraf, as seen in his laudable performances in drama serials Alif Allah Aur Insaan" and "Ranjha Ranjha Kardi" as Bhola, has truly never failed to impress and successfully proven his versatility on many occasions.

Although we haven't seen Momal Sheikh much on screen in the past, the way with which she continues to carry out Mehak's role with such precision and genuineness definitely proves the actress's unlimited talent and capability to pull off just about any role that's given to her. 

Urwa Hocane, previously heartbeat of blockbuster drama serial Udaari, with her role as the cunning con artist Guddi, has definitely owned the character she was given – from her on-point facial expressions right to the attitude and vibe she gave off! Lastly, the loving brother from the heart-touching drama serial Ruswai, Osama Tahir playing the role of Shayan in the show, has certainly amazed with his heartfelt performance.

In a time where most of the TV shows are based on depressing and similar content with a whole lot of stereotypes, Mushk has been, undoubtedly, refreshing – just the kind of different we were all looking for!