Umair Jaswal reignites passion with celebrity cameos in ‘Raahi’

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 02:24 PM, 23 Sep, 2020
Umair Jaswal reignites passion with celebrity cameos in ‘Raahi’

Rockstar Umair Jaswal sets off on the journey of a lifetime in his latest series ‘Raahi’. The production puts a spotlight on chasing dreams, seeking answers and pursuing the heart's deepest desires. Thus, several renowned superstars who have taken on a similar journey have been featured as accomplices to our host’s ventures. 

Established names such as Zenith Irfan, Moin Khan and rock icon Ali Azmat have made special appearances in the show. These powerhouse free spirits were brave enough to walk the path of their inner calling, hence, have made a groundbreaking impact in the country today. 

As Jaswal hits the road, his first stop is the bustling city of Lahore, where he meets with the first female motorcyclist to travel across Pakistan, Zenith Irfan. 

In the quest to fulfill her late father's dream of traveling around the world on his motorbike, Zenith managed to accomplish what most women have dreamt of. This ambitious traveler has also had a film made about her experiences and is known as the ‘Motorcycle Girl’ of Pakistan. She is now an inspiration to many and has paved the way for all other female bikers to pursue their passion.

In the same episode, Jaswal introduces another maverick motorcyclist, Moin Khan; who challenged himself to an epic 6 month long, 25,000-mile journey from San Francisco to Lahore. 

Khan is said to have a vast array of record-breaking achievements in this particular sport. He is amongst the few people that have contributed greatly to project a more positive image of Pakistan by pursuing an outrageous dream.

Arguably Pakistan’s biggest rock n roll icon, Ali Azmat is also featured in the series! Renowned front man and powerhouse singer, Azmat also happens to be one of Umair Jaswal’s biggest inspirations – be it bikes or music. This icon has never played it safe on stage, he went after what he wanted and is now considered a living legend all across the country and guess what? He also has a passion for motorbikes! In fact, he is one of the few personalities who inspired Umair to take up real riding. 

Inspiring personalities caught being candid on camera, jaw dropping sites, thought-provoking dialogue, ‘Raahi’ has already been a favorite for both national and international audiences.   ‘Raahi’ is the exact show we needed to be inspired, face our fears and take the first step towards exploring our passions. Kudos to Umair Jaswal for inspiring and emboldening all dreamers!