Desperate monkey enters Supreme Court to petition for food

By: News Desk      Published: 05:38 PM, 24 Apr, 2020
Desperate monkey enters Supreme Court to petition for food
File photo.

With the lockdown restricting the humans’ movement around the globe, wild animals are now seen even in the cities and thus the monkeys living in the Margalla Hills can’t be an exception.

That’s why a monkey jumped into the Supreme Court building and entered the fixture branch, reported 24NewsHD on Friday.

The monkeys and boars are a common feature in the areas located along the Margalla Hills even without the lockdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. But these animals are now moving deep into the city in search of food.

Why shouldn’t they? Aren’t they affected by the lockdown?

They were getting plenty of food during normal days, as the people jogging on the hiking trails and tourists were the main source of sustenance for them.

A video had gone viral on social media some days back in which a policeman could be seen feeding the monkeys in Sector E-7.

Meanwhile, another video showed a leopard moving freely in a populated area near Taxila.

But this phenomenon is now common in the world. So you can enjoy the spectacle of a couple of deer walking on the empty streets of Paris and a jackal in the Central Park of New York.

But wait! These animals are visible in herds too like the fallow deer grazing in the lawns of housing estates at Harold Hill in east London and mountain goats roaming in the Welsh city of Llandudno.