What is wrong with Facebook? Users report celebrity glitch, hack

By: News Desk
Published: 03:14 PM, 24 Aug, 2022
What is wrong with Facebook? Users report celebrity glitch, hack
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Thousands of Facebook users are reporting issues with the site, with many pointing to a glitch on their feed showing posts of people commenting on celebrity pages—even if they don't follow the commenter or the celeb.

Meta, Facebook's parent company, told Newsweek it was aware "people are having trouble with their Facebook feed" but did not comment on what was causing the issues.

A spokesperson apologized for any inconvenience, and said site engineers were "working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible."

Facebook users have used other social platforms to complain about a deluge of posts from fans of singers such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Harry Styles.

The phrase #FacebookHacked was one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter early on Wednesday, although there is no evidence that the issue is the result of a hack. It may be a glitch after Facebook made changes to its algorithm.

"Anyone else's Facebook timeline filled with random bots posting on famous people's walls? Has Facebook been hacked? #FacebookHacked," tweeted Liz Scott.

"Anyone else getting these random people sending messages to celebrities on Facebook. No Rajesh, I don't want to see your message to Ronaldo. #facebookdown #facebookhacked," wrote @FrankFraggers.

Irate Facebook users are also complaining on DownDetector.com, with thousands of people around the world reporting issues early on Wednesday morning.

"Snoop Dog fans took over my feed! Now GreenDay? What the heck is happening?" one person wrote in the comments.

"The weird thing is, you don't even have to be following the celebs that are being tagged by all these ppl," Jessy Edwards posted. "I unfollowed snoop dogg, b/c at first all I was seeing was him tagged 50x or more. Still seeing him tagged."

Matt Ferner added that he was seeing the same issue as "everyone else here" in the DownDetector comments. "Famous peoples pages tagged in meme or scam posts from random users."

Memers have blasted the #facebookhacked with memes and hilarious content on the twitter. Facebook has acknowledged that it is attempting to resolve a problem with its main feed.

They have noticed that some users are experiencing issues with their Facebook feed, according to a spokeswoman for parent company Meta. Facebook have also apologized for any disruption and are trying to rapidly restore things to usual.

Facebook resolves bizarre glitch

Facebook has fixed the odd bug that caused celebrity account posts to appear in everyone's news feed. Facebook has already corrected the glitch, according to a representative who stated that it was brought on by a configuration update and "causing some individuals to have difficulty obtaining their Facebook Feed."

Facebook acknowledged that some users are witnessing strange posts in their news feeds and promised that it is trying to fix the problem. For more than 3 hours, several individuals from all over the world have been venting about viewing odd messages and activity tickers from strangers on celebrities' pages on their feeds.

Several users claimed that their main feed is being overtaken by these posts, which are also stifling the usual flow of pictures, videos, and other stories shared by friends. The bug's existence, the first of its type in recent memory, implies that any posts or interactions made by strangers on a celebrity page that someone have liked are likely to show up in the feed.

As per DownDetector, a third party organization that tracks internet services, some users also suffered severe Facebook outages. It is unknown if the interruption is connected to the abovementioned bug.

By creating memes, some individuals are trying to make up for this tragic event.