PU issues guidelines to take online exams thru Safe Exam Browser from Aug 5

By: News Desk      Published: 09:56 PM, 24 Jul, 2020
PU issues guidelines to take online exams thru Safe Exam Browser from Aug 5

The online examinations of B.A./B.Sc./Associate Degree in Science/Arts Part-II of the University of the Punjab, Lahore are commencing from August 5, 2020.

Some 100,000 students will sit in the PU exams being taken online first time ever due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Date sheet & roll number slips have been made available on website www.pu.edu.pk.

The roll number slips of regular students of Affiliated Colleges have been sent via email on college email addresses. Private and Late College Students can directly access/print their roll number slips from the university website.

Since the examinations are online, therefore, the unique valid email address of each student is a must. The University has opened a web portal for students to provide their email addresses. The students who did not provide their email addresses will not be able to attempt online papers.

The Mock examinations have been sent to the students via email who have provided their email addresses till July 19, 2020. Those who are providing their e-mail addresses now will be covered in the next phase and their mock will be opened in next week.

Mock examinations can be attempted once for every student and will remain available till July 28, 2020. Instructions regarding Mock and Actual Examinations have been sent via email to the students.

The students have been directed to watch the video tutorial at PU’s website as soon as possible to solve their mock examination.

There will be on proctor who will conduct online monitoring of 25 students while one superintendent has been appointed for 10 proctors.

Here is a step by step guide issue by the University to take the online exam.

Username: To be sent via email to each student separately

Password: To be sent via email to each student separately


• Exams must only be run on desktop PCs or full-size laptop computers excluding MACs.

• Your home broadband must be stable and free from interruptions. Please note that an unstable connection will cause problems during the Computer Based Exam.


• Laptops, Desktop PCs and Internet modems must be connected to UPS to avoid any power interruptions.

• You must have Windows 8.1 or above (preferably Windows 10) with updated service packs.

• Minimum of 4GB RAM must be installed in Laptop / Desktop PC.

• 500 MB or greater free hard disk space must be present.

• Good quality Camera /Webcam must be attached and installed with Laptop / Desktop PC.

• Working MIC must be present with the system.


• Download Safe Exam Browser (SEB) from the given sources:

https://sourceforge.net/projects/seb/files/seb/SEB_3.0.1/SEB_3.0.1.163_SetupBundle.exe/download OR https://pern-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/puexams_pu_edu_pk/EZZ3QB7_cBRPnrTcY_hZ6WABarynZX0y0VJfCqUwEPbosA?e=ixkEVl

Make sure you are downloading version 3.0.1 of Safe Exam Browser (SEB).

• Recommended web browser for online examinations is Google Chrome.

• Connect through “Google Meet” on your system to communicate with your proctor (Exam supervisor).

• A Username and Password are sent via Email to start the examination. Make sure to change your password as soon as possible. Once changed, this password will remain the same for every paper.

• You will receive a Meeting Code 30 mins prior before the start of each paper from your proctor to share your camera and MIC.

• Once connected with your proctor, show your environment to him/her.

• You will be receiving a file before the start of every exam from relevant proctor: proctor1.exams@pu.edu.pk. Download and double click this file to start your every paper.

• Your system will be in control of proctor during the course of the exam. All irrelevant applications will be shut down automatically.

• Use of mobiles, communication means and other unfair means will cause termination of paper as you are continuously in surveillance and visible to your proctor. Switching off camera during the exam will be considered as malpractice.

• Do not quit the Safe Exam Browser during the paper as it will end your paper attempt.