Shaz Khan urges people to show caution in crucial times

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 01:03 PM, 24 Mar, 2020
Shaz Khan urges people to show caution in crucial times

After the global panic revolving around the pandemic which has made new headlines everywhere, dynamic actor Shaz Khan took it upon himself to discuss the importance of self-isolation and social distancing during these crucial times.

The novel coronavirus has been infecting people around the globe at an alarming rate which is why multiple countries have also gone into complete lockdowns, while encouraging citizens to quarantine themselves or adopt social distancing.

Talking to 24NewsHd, Shaz said: “We draw strength from each other in these tough times, I know we’re going to get through this, I know it’s going to make us stronger and at the same time we have to show caution.”

Shaz was currently in the northern areas of Pakistan shooting for his upcoming film, The Martial Artist.

Upon hearing headlines about the novel coronavirus, he decided to postpone the filming to ensure safety of all team members.

After reaching back home, the actor decided to put himself in isolation (for 14 days) away from his family even though he did not and does not show any of the symptoms.

He further goes on to discuss the reasons why he chose to do this and voiced how essential this step can be in order to prevent the virus from infecting people who are more vulnerable to the disease.

Starting off the video by disclosing that he usually doesn’t send out messages like this one but he felt compelled to speak so that people really know how serious this virus can be.

The actor was shooting for his film but had to abruptly return to Los Angeles, California for the sake of steering clear of this rapidly spreading pandemic.

In order to avert the virus from spreading to people with weaker health systems he felt that self-quarantine is a necessary step to take in order to keep loved ones protected.

Shaz uses his platform to awaken the masses to how critical this virus can be. He urges citizens to do their own research, follow only authentic sites just like he did.

Shaz urges us to show caution, especially for our elderly and our young children (even if there’s no evidence that shows whether they can get infected or not).