Bill Gates declares Pakistani Shumaila Rehmani a ‘hero’ 

By: News Desk      Published: 05:37 PM, 24 Oct, 2021
Bill Gates declares Pakistani Shumaila Rehmani a ‘hero’ 

Tech world tycoon Bill Gates appreciated a Pakistani polio worker Shumaila Rehmani for her hard work to eliminate polio from Pakistan.

Bill Gates shared a video of a Pakistani polio worker on his social media accounts especially on Instagram and blog—Gates Notes.

The world-leading personality of high tech also called Shumaila Rehmani and her comrades in arms as heroes of him.

On the eve of World Polio Day on Sunday, October 24, Bill Gates declared Pakistani polio worker Shumaila as a dedicated polio fighter.

Shumaila is a polio vaccinator in Pakistan, which is one of the two countries in the world—the other is Afghanistan—where the wild poliovirus is still endemic.

Shumaila’s job is to deliver the polio vaccine to every child under age five in the community she serves. While that probably sounds like a straightforward job, what it takes to get it done is not. Reaching every child requires hard work, meticulous planning, and patience.

During polio immunization drives in Pakistan, Shumaila sets out on foot early in the morning with a cooler filled with vaccines and a detailed plan for all the homes she needs to visit. Then she begins knocking on doors to give the oral polio vaccine drops to every child.

The overwhelming majority of families she visits want their children to be vaccinated. Some parents, however, out of fear or a lack of information, refuse to have their children vaccinated. But Shumaila doesn’t give up.

She talks with the mothers and fathers, answering all their questions about polio and reassuring them that the vaccine is safe and effective. She also works with community and religious leaders to speak with families about the importance of vaccination.

Shumaila said this year she initially had more than 250 families refuse vaccinations. But today, because of her efforts to work closely with the families, all but four of them have had their children vaccinated. And she continues to talk with those families to encourage them to get vaccinated.

While the incredible efforts of Shumaila and other polio fighters have brought us to the brink of a polio-free world.