Govt has already struck deal with IMF, says Shehbaz

Accuses it of putting country’s national security at risk

By: 24 News      Published: 04:19 PM, 24 Oct, 2021
Shehbaz Sharif
Shehbaz Sharif (File Photo).

PML-N President and Opposition leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif has dubbed the present government as culprit which has put country’s national security at stake by unleashing a storm of economic disaster and inflation urging people to come out of their homes in order to send the government packing, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

In a statement released on Sunday, Shehbaz Sharif deplored as soon as the government announced to decrease prices, instead of doing this, it hiked prices of daily use items. 

Does this government have any feelings for the poor masses and does it keep its own promises,” he asked?

Every passing moment this government remains in power, it is incurring a loss of billions of dollars to the country, he said adding that giving any more time to this government by the people would be a serious mistake. 

The PML-N president asserted that he was right when he had said that the government was deceiving both the nation and the IMF. 

“If the government hasn’t made any agreement with the IMF and if the talks have failed, then why it is raising prices of commodities,” he stated. 

He wondered why the government was hiding details of agreement with the Fund from people and Parliament.

The constant rise in inflation and IMF’s conditions pertaining to the bank accounts of our state and national security institutions has raised the alarm bells, he maintained. 

Shehbaz showed his astonishment what kind of good days had dawned when prices of tea, sugar, flour, eggs, milk, ghee, rice, vegetable and medicines were rising every day.

Inflation on top of a wobbly economy adds fuel to fire, he opined. He called upon the people if they didn’t get rid of the present government now, then the country would have to suffer an irreparable loss. 

He said that PM’s finance advisor’s leaving Washington before the conclusion of the IMF talks and ministers’ holidaymaking despite deteriorating security situation at home revealed how serious the government was in running the state of affairs. 

 Reporter Umar Aslam