Corona may peak by May 25, Qureshi tells US-Pakistanis

By: News Desk      Published: 01:00 PM, 25 Apr, 2020
Corona may peak by May 25, Qureshi tells US-Pakistanis

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has thanked the Pakistanis residing in the US for their bountifulness every time Pakistan needed them while informing that the coronavirus could witness its peak by May 25 in Pakistan.

The foreign minister was addressing a town hall meeting through a video link that was attended by Foreign Secretary Suhail Mehmood, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Asad Majeed, beside the members of Pakistani community living in the US.

Qureshi said, “There have been over 50,000 deaths in the US, in addition to nine million infections, which is very painful. I want to express my grief to all those whose loved ones lost their lives due to the coronavirus.”

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He further said, “If the country like America is helpless before this pandemic, you can imagine the condition of a developing country like Pakistan.”

While appreciating the magnanimity of the Pakistani community living in the US, the minister said, “We have seen the bountifulness of US-Pakistanis whenever Pakistan faced a critical time, and the whole nation is already grateful to you.”

“Until now, we’ve brought back around 10,000 Pakistanis amid the global lockdowns. Now, we can hopefully bring around 7,000 Pakistanis back in a week.”

He thanked the US-Pakistani community again, and said, “The highest peak of the coronavirus is feared by May 25, and due to the crash of the oil market, the Pakistanis working in the Gulf are feared to lose jobs.”