Saboor Aly at her best in ‘Tum Wajah Ho’ first episode

By: News Desk      Published: 11:36 AM, 25 Apr, 2020
Saboor Aly at her best in ‘Tum Wajah Ho’ first episode

Actress Saboor Aly is one of the most exciting finds of the last decade. She is expressive and knows how to captivate the audiences, and all of that reflects in her performances. She commands over everyone else when she is on the screen and keeps you wanting for more.

The 2020 is proving to be a successful year for the actress.  After giving a hit performance in drama serial in Gul-o-Gulzar, Saboor is now back on TV screen with “Tum Ho Wajah” and the first episode has recently aired.

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Aly plays the character of Sitara, a quiet introvert girl who, like her elder sister Chanda, does not believe in showing off.

She is playing a role of a decent girl who is very obedient to her parents. She is a bright student who even helps her younger brother in his studies.

Sitara is the exact opposite of her sister. She is caring, kind, and places others before herself, whereas Chanda is vain, self-centered, and only thinks about herself.

Sitara is often seen being bossed around by Chanda, who asks her to iron her clothes, clean her shoes and do the things that she’s supposed to do. Being the more considerate one, she does everything without batting an eye.

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In a scene when Sitara’s cousin, who is in love with her, asks her what he should get her from his first salary, she begins to list things for her siblings.

When he asks her what she wants she says she wants chocolates.

This scene points out how good-natured Sitara is in her way and how sweet she is. She draws gratification from playing ludo with her brother instead of looking at her camera with an aimless look. Saboor Aly sells every bit of Sitara to the viewers. She is believable, relatable, and even lovable in her scenes.

Sitara’s character has a lot to offer and there are different shades to her personality, and Saboor Aly brings them all out convincingly.