Sana Fakhar helps you lose weight through perfect Sehri diet plan

By: News Desk      Published: 12:43 PM, 25 Apr, 2021
Sana Fakhar helps you lose weight through perfect Sehri diet plan
Sana Fakhar.

Pakistani film actress and model Sana Fakhar after being proclaimed ‘fitness inspiration’ for all the mothers out there decided to provide further guidance and shared a ‘Sehri diet plan’ on her Youtube channel.

A video shared as a guideline to shed that unwanted weight during Ramazan.

Sana Fakhar has dazzled everyone with her awe-inspiring transformation. 

She used to be an overweight individual but recently stunned everyone with her brilliant conversion by shedding a massive amount of weight. 

Sana made a ‘loud announcement’ with her transformation Instagram post showcasing how she has dismissed all labels attached to mothers and encouraged every mother by sharing a motivational post caption to jump on the journey to fitness.

She encouraged mothers to start embracing themselves completely. No matter how imposing and challenging motherhood might prove out to be, one has to prioritize herself as well. 

After the popularity of Sana’s Instagram post, we feel Sana feels responsible for everyone out there going through a difficult ‘over-weight’ patch and therefore she decided to provide further guidance on ‘weight-loss’ by sharing ‘Sehri Diet Plan for Weight-loss’.

Head on to Sana’s youtube channel: ‘Sana Fakhar Official’ for some amazing content.

Sana Fakhar is a 41-year-old Pakistani film actress and model. Sana is highly applauded for her role Sitara in Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa.