Supreme Court judge verdict on review pleas

By: News Desk      Published: 01:42 AM, 25 Aug, 2020
Supreme Court judge verdict on review pleas
Justice Mansoor Ali Shah lays stress on applying efficient time and case management techniques. –File Photo

The Supreme Court (SC) has given a verdict on the matters of appeal against judgement. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah gave the verdict laying emphasis on saving time so that it could be spent on the matters needing interference.

“Re-tracing the same path travelled by a court of law appears to be an unnecessary exercise and a waste of public time – time which can be allocated to other cases where the decisions of the courts below have been overturned or modified. Finding no reversible error in the judgment, a concise, simple order can suffice.  

“On the other hand, if the court is to reverse or modify the judgement, the reasons for the reversal or modification must be set forth. 

“This approach adopted, is by no means a short-cut which is offensive to fair trial under Article 10-A of the Constitution nor does it in any manner undermine due process and fair-play. 

“It is simply a creative way forward that spares the court from writing opinions where a mere adoption of a well-reasoned judgement through a short-order serves the purpose adequately.

“Nothing is cast in stone. Old practices evolve with changing times. Burgeoning population and the corresponding rapid increase in litigation require imaginative solutions. Courts all over the world have moved on to efficient time and case management techniques.”