Watching Ertugrul is against Shariah: Jamia Banuri Town

By: News Desk      Published: 04:19 PM, 25 Aug, 2020
Watching Ertugrul is against Shariah: Jamia Banuri Town

Karachi’s Jamia Banuri has issued a statement in which they said that watching dramas or movies including the hit Turkish series ‘Ertugrul’ is against Shariah. They issued the fatwa on their website where a few people had asked for the institution’s take on the popular Turkish series.

Jamia Banuri explained that Shariah declares those acts jaiz that meet two conditions: the intentions behind the act and the methods or medium used to achieve your goal don’t contradict Shariah.

As for Ertugrul, even if the drama makers had aimed to propagate piousness, they used film-making to send their message, which is not allowed in Islam, according to Jamia Banuri, hence, Islam doesn’t allow watching the Turkish blockbuster or other dramas even if they highlight Islamic history.

Earlier, Dr Zakir Naik in his video message said:  “Watching Ertugrul is not permissible as there are actresses who are not in full Hijab and there is music in it. So no one can give fatwa, watching it is permissible,” he said.

He further added “Anyone who is not watching serials will tell him this is Haraam and don’t watch Ertugrul. Instead they should read the Quran, which will get them closer to Allah.  But there are some who are addicted to movies. It is better to stop watching movies. But watching Ertugrul is lesser Haraam than Bollywood and Hollywood movies,” he said.

Ertugrul has a vast and obsessive worldwide fans following in 60-plus countries. Apart from diaspora Muslims in the West, the show has gained sweeping popularity in the Middle East, South Africa, and surprisingly in South America.

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