Love for social media videos puts pigeons on charas

By: News Desk      Published: 02:19 PM, 25 Jul, 2021
Love for social media videos puts pigeons on charas
TV grab.

The statement ‘world is progressing’ can more appropriately be applied to the situation of some pigeons enjoying a ‘charas-filled’ cigarette.

We are about to show you a video clip that might offend various people however if you will observe the highly relaxed way in which some pigeons are having a blast while being fed a ‘charaswala sutta’ you might start having a fit of laughter.

However this might be a ‘desperate’ way to obtain views and likes over social media by making animals do ones bidding.

Also the background music ‘Charaswala sutta’ adds a lot more to the ‘chill’ vibes that these ‘progressive’ pigeons are portraying.

In the video, we can see a person ‘feeding’ a smoke to some pigeons while the beautiful birds are coming towards the cigarette to get a grab.

Yes the person is holding out the cigarette towards the pigeons’ direction while the ‘jungli kabootars’ are walking towards the hand and then living up to the expectation of a skilled ‘charsi kabootar’ by efficiently blowing smoke.

This however is quite harmful and stunts like these in order to get recognition over the internet while not taking the animals’ wellbeing into consideration might not be such a wise move.