Nadia Hussain’s JUDGEMENTAL JIBE at new models invites Sarah Zulfiqar’s wrath 

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 12:31 PM, 25 Mar, 2022
Nadia Hussain’s JUDGEMENTAL JIBE at new models invites Sarah Zulfiqar’s wrath 
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One of Pakistan’s most celebrated models, Nadia Hussain has lately landed in trouble for uttering controversial statements regarding newer Pakistani models in ‘Time Out With Ahsan Khan’.

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According to the stunning public figure, the kind of models found in the showbiz sector these days seem to lack classiness and proper education. Fashion designer Deepak Perwani who also attended the talk show with the actress agreed on whatever views Nadia was putting forward.

Nadia Hussain while talking about the newer generation of Pakistani models, tried to put emphasis on how the fashion models in the older days used to have strong educational backgrounds whereas Nadia thinks that during the current times Mushk Kaleem is the only classy model available. 

These declarations have urged model Sarah Zulfiqar to take to her social media handle and put Nadia Hussain in her place.

Sarah stated: “Talent is talent and maturity is maturity, no matter where it comes from. This statement is incredibly elitist and ignorant. Be confident in your own talent, posing, style and niche instead of complaining about other people and you’ll do just fine.”

She further wrote: “Her statements reeks of insecurity and elitism. People who are confident in their own backgrounds and know their worth really don’t act like this. What is the point of being so educated and receiving so much exposure if you haven’t actually learnt anything?’

Sarah concluded with: “Maybe if you stopped “lamenting” and actually chose to think critically and evaluate what is literally in-front of you instead of hurling mother-sister insults on your IG live sessions you'd see what's going on for yourself. There are some petty people nowadays but I highly doubt there were fewer petty people back in your days.” 

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