Analysts say Imran’s aggressive style must be reflected in foreign ministry too

By: News Desk      Published: 11:53 PM, 25 Sep, 2021
Analysts say Imran’s aggressive style must be reflected in foreign ministry too

Senior journalists and political analysts said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s aggressive style must be reflected in the foreign ministry too to compete with India in the world.

During the 24NewsHD TV channel programme – DNA – senior journalists and analysts Salim Bokhari, Iftikhar Ahmad, PJ Mir and Javed Iqbal fully endorsed PM Imran’s virtual address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Saleem Bukhari said PM Imran had tried to shake the international conscience on Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and has raised questions on the world's criminal silence regarding human rights.

He said Imran had pointed out the problems of the region in a realistic and domineering manner and also warned the world about the situation in Afghanistan that if Afghanistan is ignored, terrorism will grow there which will be tantamount to further destruction in the region.

Saleem Bukhari said that the world was not taking any action regarding human rights and a conspiracy of India to convert Muslims from majority to minority in occupied Kashmir. He added that this kind of hypocrisy could be dangerous.

He said that PM Imran's aggressive style should also be seen in the Foreign Ministry because Pakistan needs such diplomacy now.

In the programme, Saleem Bukhari reveals that NADRA has provided data of Pakistanis to Pentagon. On which, Javed Iqbal said several officers of NADRA Karachi have been arrested in this case.

Iftikhar Ahmed said that Imran Khan has termed the atrocities of the Indian Army as war crimes which is absolutely correct.

He said the Afghan government would be represented at the United Nations not by the Taliban but by Ghulam M Ishaqzai, who represents Ashraf Ghani because there was yet to be decided about the representative of the Taliban.

PJ Mir said Pakistan had paid a heavy price of US war so it should realize the damages received by the country. But, he added that he was seeing nothing regarding this and Pakistan was being blackmailed on different issues like FATF despite the sacrifices.

The panel also expressed concern over the high inflation and sharp rise in gas bills and called on the government to save the people from the extra utility bills.

Report: Nadeem Anjum


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