Cancel IPL and PSL, Shoaib Akhtar tells PCB and BCCI

By: News Desk      Published: 02:19 PM, 26 Apr, 2021
Cancel IPL and PSL, Shoaib Akhtar tells PCB and BCCI

Pakistani former cricketer and commentator Shoaib Akhtar who is also considered to be one of the fastest bowlers in the history of international cricket formulated a polite request to the Indian and Pakistani cricket boards.

Shoaib’s appeal consisted of him requesting both the country’s cricket board to cancel the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Pakistan Super League (PSL).

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Shoaib tweeted that both BCCI and PCB should re-evaluate their priorities and consider if this is the right time to continue IPL or to commence PSL as the situation is critical.

This tweet was attached with one of Akhtar’s Youtube vlogs in which Akhtar provides an enhanced explanation.

He says that if the IPL can be stopped it should. If not, it must be postponed. If it will still be happening the SOPs should be implemented in all forms.

He further declared that he is not in favour of the IPL stopping because the PSL was cut short.

He doesn’t want the PSL to happen this year in June as well as the pandemic is proving to be highly dangerous right now.

Further stated that IPL is not important and the money being spent on it should be spent on other greater and much needed cause which is to provide oxygen tanks to those who need it.

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Shoaib makes a very bold statement: He said that cricket and heroes are not the need of the moment nor is entertainment a priority right now. Right now the biggest priority should be to save people from dying in both Pakistan and India.

The renowned former cricketer developed a smart approach and insisted on ‘curfews’ being implemented instead of lock-downs as the population is never keen to follow SOPs. He further urged the army to pay a visit itself and force people to follow the SOPs.

Here is Shoaib Akhtar’s ‘bold speech’ for you:

"BCCI & PCB should both rethink if this is a good time to continue the IPL or restart the PSL. Things are tough," Shoaib Akhtar tweeted.

The cricket legend declared, “India is burning IPL must stop,”

“I also want PSL to not happen this year in June. If pandemic is spreading then PSL should not happen in June,”

He further said, “We do not want cricket, we do not want heroes, we do not want entertainment at this time. We right now want people to be saved in India and Pakistan,”

“I strongly appeal to the government to impose a curfew and not a lockdown as we do not follow SOPs. I want the army to come and make people follow the SOP’s strictly,” Akhtar declared adamantly.

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“This is not a problem of Hindu and Muslim, Christian and Sikh. Its all our problem,” Shoaib’s inspirational words to instigate unity among people from all religions in this highly strenuous time.  

Shoaib Akhtar is a 45-year-old Pakistani former cricketer and commentator who is considered to be one of the fastest bowler in history of international cricket.