Ugly war of words between beauticians Nadia Hussain, Nabila Maqsood

By: News Desk
Published: 12:21 PM, 26 May, 2021
Ugly war of words between beauticians Nadia Hussain, Nabila Maqsood
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Pakistani television actress, host, supermodel, entrepreneur and fashion designer Nadia Hussain has launched a makeup product known as ‘Go Makeup Palette’ however makeup artist and stylist Nabila Maqsood is not happy with Nadia’s attempt at plagiarism by coming up with a concept which is exceedingly similar to her ZERO Makeup Palette.

An ugly war of words broke out between the two makeup artists when Nabila reached out to Nadia saying ‘Don’t you have a brain of your own’?

Nadia it seems was totally taken aback by such extreme confrontation and responded to the renowned artist ‘it’s not your copyrighted item, you are a brand on your own, no need to be insecure’.

Nabila’s harsh behaviour caused the supermodel to share the whole conversation labelling it ‘THIS IS TRULY WHAT BEING INSECURE MEANS’.

Nadia declared that she was utterly shocked and speechless at Nabila’s audacity however she felt supremely victorious at one of the most popular makeup brands feeling insecure with Nadia’s launch.

She further revealed that she couldn’t tag Nabila as she had blocked her.

Then the supermodel gave a detailed explanation regarding the launch of her new product by saying that her item might be similar but the concept is totally different and Nabila has no copyright over her such a design.

She explained that various international brands also have products built on similar concepts and her product is much more versatile than Nabila’s ZERO Makeup Palette.

Nadia wrote, “After reading my reply she actually blocked me on WhatsApp and Instagram. I have attached a quick scroll through of my conversations with her since 2019 for people to know that yes it was her who sent me that ridiculous message and also a screenshot of a few digits from her phone number for those who know her personally so no one can say these images are doctored or that it was sent from someone else’s number who’s name I had changed to hers! Surely my GO MAKEUP PALETTE ROCKS and surely it has ROCKED her boat! I really still don’t understand why she reacted this way!”

Nabila also decided to respond over social media, “While we don’t approve of plagiarism, we refuse to engage in desperate mudslinging efforts”. 

Nabila further shared an impactful quote intending to cause a lasting effect, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”-Oscar Wilde

Social media users gave their two cents about this brawl between two influential makeup artists and most of the comments were leaning towards supporting Nadia Hussain’s claim that her concept is in no way a form of plagiarism and many international brands came out with this initiative way before Nabila did.