Saboor Aly finds new friend in COVID-19 lockdown

By: News Desk      Published: 01:22 PM, 26 Nov, 2020
Saboor Aly finds new friend in COVID-19 lockdown

Pakistani actress Saboor Aly has found a new friend in the Covid-19 lockdown. In fact, according to her lockdown "hasn't been bad at all".

In her most recent post on Instagram, the diva said that the lockdown enabled her to bond and find a new friend amid the pandemic.

"The lockdown hasn’t been all bad. I want to thank the government for imposing a lockdown which gave me a chance to meet someone who I can now call a close friend," she wrote.

"Sara, I didn’t have much of an option but to befriend you with the lockdown, since, I couldn’t really meet my other much “cooler” friends, and I know you thank God everyday that you have a friend like me. Happy birthday, you’ve gone from a lockdown friend to a confidant and someone I cherish."