Cultural colourful Charpai of Punjab gains popularity on globe

Cultural colourful Charpai of Punjab gains popularity on globe

Colourful Charpai is an important part of the routine lives of the people in Punjab but it now started gaining popularity on the globe, reported 24NewsHD TV on Tuesday.

It also serves as a place to sit and is used as a bed at night. The guests are offered charpai to sit and relax.

Charpai is traditionally made of wood and its feet or (Pai) are beautifully carved or decorated beautifully with lacquer or simple paint.

It is knitted with date palm leaves or a string of jute.

In modern days in cities of Pakistan, Charpai is also made of iron pipes and knitted with colourful plastic rope.

Parents give Charpai to their daughters as gifts at weddings.

Special attention is given to the Charpai to make it look more beautiful and charming.

The artisan says the wooden “Charpai” is made with great craft, the beautiful design of the legs beautify its look.

The work of making “Charpai” is done with great effort and dedication, says artisan.

The upset shopkeeper says over time the tendency to buy “Charpai” decreased and the craftsman does not get adequate compensation due to a shortage of buyers.

Charpai reflects the spark of people of Lahore’s walled city and other places of Punjab.

In order to make Charpai, one should be crafted and should have that knowledge.

Reporter: Maida Waheed