Deewangi comes to an end with thrilling yet emotional finale

By: News Desk      Published: 12:42 PM, 27 Aug, 2020
Deewangi comes to an end with thrilling yet emotional finale

Drama serial Deewangi’s final episode was the most anticipated one of this season. 

The show achieved blockbuster status within its first few episodes. It continued to rake in more fans a higher number of viewership and ratings, as well as rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. 

Fans praised the show for its depiction of love that reached a point of madness and continued to root for Sultan till the very end, even though he commits several mistakes along the way because of his mad love for Nageen.

The finale episode was full of drama, thrills, and quickly became the most-watched episode while trending number one on YouTube with more than two million views

The episode begins with Sultan bringing Nageen to his home, where the two of them will live together after their marriage once her iddat is over.

He proposes to her with a ring, but she says they should wait for the right time. Nageen then tells him that all she wants is for Haroon to get treated in a foreign hospital to start her new life with Sultan in peace.

He agrees to it and sends a hefty check to Haroon’s mother. Upon hearing that Sultan has made all necessary travel arrangements for Haroon and his mother to travel for his treatment, Nageen is elated and thanked Sultan for his generosity. 

Sultan wins the election and Nageen’s iddat ends around the same time. Sultan decides to marry Nageen the very next day in front of media and his party workers in a lavish ceremony.

But during the nikkah, Nageen refuses to marry Sultan after which she exposes Sultan and tells the media everything he has done to take revenge on her. 

In a later altercation, Sultan points a gun at Nageen for taking Haroon’s name but she snatches it from his hands and ends up shooting him while confessing her hatred for Sultan and her love for Haroon who arrives at that very moment. He takes the blame upon himself to save Nageen. Sultan is rushed to the hospital while Haroon is arrested by the police. 

Eventually, Sultan gains consciousness and records his statement in which he admits to them of trying to take his own life after which he passes away while imagining Nageen in front of him with tears in his eyes. This is broadcasted on the news which brings a smile to Nageen and Haroon’s mother and sister’s faces. 

The episode comes to an end when Haroon is released from prison and Nageen goes to receive him. They reunite and embrace each other.

The episode was a fitting end to what was an exhilarating and thoroughly entertaining ride. Deewangi managed to captivate the attention of its audiences throughout its run and earned the show a highly positive response. 

The show will be remembered for its story, its production value and its brilliant performances. Kudos to Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi for bringing another brilliant show to the audiences.