Don’t call others psycho, help them, says Saba Qamar

By: News Desk      Published: 11:10 AM, 27 Jun, 2020
Don’t call others psycho, help them, says Saba Qamar

Popular actress Saba Qamar has released the fourth episode of her YouTube show titled ‘Kab Samjho Gey?’

This time in the latest episode she has tackled issues such as misogyny and gossip-mongering keeping in mind the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh.

The video has so far received more than 80,000 hits and people are loving the acting of the actress.

The video begins in distress and pain with different shots of Saba Qamar as she tells all those people who lost their battle against depression or committed suicide that started a mental health discussion.

“How many lives will we take?” Qamar asks as she mentions the names of Anam Tanoli, Rushaan Farrukh, Qurutulain Ali, and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Saba then goes on to ask, “Akhir kab hum insaan ko insaan samjheingay (When will we consider a human a human),” Saba asks as she goes on to point out the different ways people are targeted.

According to her, while many are subjected to ridicule on the basis of their physical appearance, those that look otherwise flawless from the outside are belittled.

“Hum kyun logon kee zati zindagion mein ghustay hein, auron ko apni jaagir samajhtey hein, aur jo dil mein ata bina sochey jumlay kastey hein (Why do we butt into people’s personal lives, consider them our personal property and say whatever we want without thinking of the consequences),” Saba goes on to criticise toxic traits normalised by society.

She also called out associating labels with people. “Psycho, malang , pagal jaisay naam detey hein, kyun hum kisi kee madad nahi kartey (Help others instead of calling them ‘psycho’ or ‘crazy’)”.

She further said, “Kisi ka kisi kay sath comparison nah karo, theek nahi hai yeh ( It’s not right to compare people with one another).”