Rabya Kulsoom tackles contrasting character in ‘Shehr-e-Malal’

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 11:49 AM, 27 Mar, 2020
Rabya Kulsoom tackles contrasting character in ‘Shehr-e-Malal’

Rabya Kulsoom may be a new emerging talent of the Pakistani television screen. Still, there is no doubt that this girl’s performance is always on fire, garnering appreciation and well-deserved fame for any role that she plays.

After a series of significant accomplishments in her previous dramas, including Haara Dil, Dil Aara and Meer Abroo, Rabya Kulsoom laid another brick of achievement through a great start in her new drama 'Shehr-e-Malal.'

'Shehr-e-Malal' is a drama about love, revenge, and the shadows of the past that follow you no matter how much you run away from them.

It has a unique pattern of the story within a story. It sounds confusing, but when you watch the drama as it unfolds in front of you, it becomes highly entertaining to watch.

To sum up the plot, two people fall in love, but their financial differences force them to walk different paths.

They both start a different family and seem to have it all figured out until their kids fall in love, and their ways meet once again.

Rabya Kulsoom plays the role of Rameen, a very joyful, charming and loved daughter of her parents. She has been raised with all the love and care she could ask for, especially being the only child in the house.

Her character starts young and happy as we see her waking up to the call of Shahzair, who is finally coming back to settle down.

As the story progresses and the plot thickens, Rameen’s character also darkens. When her parents refuse for her marriage with Shahzair, we see another side of Rameen that can be stubborn, disrespectful and selfish.

To play such a character requires a good hold of emotions and Rabya Kulsoom has been brilliantly tackling all the different dynamics of her character.

While all her previous dramas portrayed a sort of similar character for Rabya Kulsoom, Shehr-e-Malal gives her a very different role to play that allows her to step outside her comfort zone and show what she has in store.

The drama has so far aired seven episodes, and Rabya Kulsoom’s performance in every scene is commendable. The way she uses her facial expressions with a spot on dialogue delivery makes a substantial impact on viewers.

Her character in the drama is supposed to be cute and lovable, but at the same time, it has bits of hate and regret as she falls into a marriage that is based on revenge.

Produced by Furqan Adam and written by Sadia Akhtar, Shehr-e-Malal is a must-watch drama that has an engaging story, a great script, and a fantastic cast including Shahood Alvi, Maria Wasti, and Ali Abbas.