Who is running the country, Sherry Rehman wonders

Says Parliament being insulted, ordinances issued in night

By: News Desk
Published: 05:11 PM, 27 Oct, 2020
Who is running the country, Sherry Rehman wonders
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PPP Senator Sherry Rehman on Tuesday questioned who is running the country as the only thing the government members have been doing is holding press conferences and issuing statements.

The government had panicked after just three rallies, she remarked, adding that the journalists were being threatened followed by the claims that they didn’t anything. 

Sherry said the Parliament was being insulted with the poorly drafted ordinances issued in the night, as she blasted the government over its policies and performance. If a joint session could be held on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issue then why not on Kashmir, the PPP leader raised the question.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the PPP leader wondered how the much-hyped Tiger Force will control price hike. What mandate the Tiger Force had to threaten the traders, she questioned.

Blasting the “Kashmir selling government” over its inability to tackle inflation, Sherry said nothing had been done to overcome the flour and sugar shortage. Another flour crisis would hit the country in December, she warned.

Talking about the inflation rate, the PPP leader said all the governments in the past had entered into deals with the IMF but did so while keeping the interests of the people and the country in mind. 

She said the incompetent government wasn’t able to deal with the IMF, adding that the only thing given by the Tabahi Sarkar was destruction.   

Pointing to the poor economic management, she said circular debt had smashed all previous records while the country was also facing gas shortage which in turn also adversely affected power generation. 

Sherry said Pakistan was still on the grey list but no explanation had been given to the Parliament on the FATF with the people being befooled.

Laws pertaining to the FATF were bulldozed through the Parliament which curtailed the basic human rights in the country but the move did not produce any result, she stressed.

No country or international organisation favoured curbing human rights, the PPP leader told media persons.