Umer continues to get played by Roshni in ‘Bandhay Ek Dour Se’

By: News Desk      Published: 02:43 PM, 28 Aug, 2020
Umer continues to get played by Roshni in ‘Bandhay Ek Dour Se’

Drama serial Bandhay Ek Dour Se took an interesting turn of events when Umer, played by Ahsan Khan, ended up marrying Maheen (Ushna Shah), because of their families and the circumstances that arose prior to that.

This happened in Roshni’s (Hina Altaf) absence, who was away at the time. She gets upset and feels betrayed by Umer.

The latest episode begins with Roshni dismissing Nabeel, a son of her well-to-do relative, and his proposal when he calls her to know why she had to leave so urgently.

After getting Maheen’s permission to see Roshni and clear things out one last time, Umer and Maheen go to her mother’s place where they spend the night, just so that Umer can meet Roshni. He tells her he’s the one who has wronged her and asks for her forgiveness.

Instead of admitting that she went to Nabeel’s place on her own because she had no interest in Umer at the time, Roshni chooses to make him feel remorseful of betraying her and ridiculing her love.

She realizes Umer is still in love with her, and she can make him dance to her tunes the way she wants to.

The next day while he’s at work, Roshni calls Umer and asks him to meet her. When they meet, she lies to him about refusing to Nabeel’s proposal because of him, making him feel guiltier than he already does.