Shehzad Roy corrects Anupam Kher on children’s video 

By: News Desk      Published: 12:29 PM, 28 Aug, 2021
Shehzad Roy corrects Anupam Kher on children’s video 

Pakistani singer-songwriter Shehzad Roy has taken to his social media handle in order to correct Bollywood veteran actor Anupam Kher over a mistake he made in his Tweet regarding a video featuring children which has been circulating on the internet.

Shehzad Roy had previously shared a video on his Instagram handle which featured young children creating a powerful tune through household items.

Mr Roy had captioned his post: “Please somebody tell me where are these kids and I’ll give them all the instruments they need.”

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However Mr. Kher due to getting inspired by the powerful portrayal of music playing through household items shared the video clip on his social media handle but Anupam made a mistake and said in his tweet that these kids are from India.

Here is Anupam’s caption: “Some kids in a village in India have formed their own band together. This band does not have any modern equipment. And what a tune they have chosen of military band. Because they know that ‘the real power lies in the heart’. Hail to these children. Where are these children?”

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The Pakistani singer who likes to indulge in popular conversations circulating the world decided to approach this matter with extreme humbleness and took to his Twitter in order to correct the veteran actor very politely.

Shehzad Roy firstly thanked Anupam for sharing the video and then told him that these kids are from Hunza, Pakistan and not from Bharat.

The most inspiring bit that Mr. Roy revealed is that he is in touch with these children and has already sent them the instruments that they required.

The Bollywood senior artist responded to Shehzad's tweet in an endearing manner. Mr. Kher wrote: "I stand corrected my friend." Furthermore, Anupam praised the singer on his work and declared his love for the children's video.