Pakistan will see off worst of virus crisis if SOPs followed: Imran

By: News Desk      Published: 11:12 AM, 28 Jun, 2020
Pakistan will see off worst of virus crisis if SOPs followed: Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday sharing article of Bloomberg on smart lockdown said his team was amongst the first to enforce the smart lockdown.

In a tweet posted on his official twitter account, the prime minister said, ”My team was amongst the first to enforce smart lockdowns. I am proud of it for helping me continue to navigate our country through the Covid-19 crisis.”

He vowed, “Insha’Allah, from now onwards if we follow SOPs we will see off the worst of this crisis.”

Imran Khan has constantly said that smart lockdown is the only option to contain the deadly virus.

In the article shared by the Prime Minister, it has been stated that European Union countries are experimenting with new ways of dealing with the coronavirus. Germany, Portugal and Italy have all enforced selective or “smart” lockdowns, shutting down smaller regions in response to new outbreaks as opposed to bringing their entire countries to a halt.

This approach is the only hope of returning to more normal life as we wait for a vaccine. However, it also puts a much larger onus on the public sector compared to generalized lockdowns. Health officials have to ensure small outbreaks do not get out of control and force the need for harsher measures, Bloomberg said. So far, the authorities have managed to contain these outbreaks.

In an article written by Ferdinando Giugliano, the author said that smart lockdowns require the collaboration of citizens: Wearing masks and maintaining social distancing are two ways to reduce the risk of a new surge in cases. However, much of the burden falls on governments.

“Only a vaccine or a benign mutation will ensure that the Covid-19 threat is over. Until then, smart lockdowns are the best hope we have,” Ferdinando Giugliano concluded his article in Bloomberg.