133,373 fully recovered COVID-19 patients fail to get attention

By: News Desk      Published: 11:49 AM, 28 Mar, 2020
133,373 fully recovered COVID-19 patients fail to get attention

As the coronavirus has jolted the entire world with the entire focus on the alarming rise in the number reported cases and deaths, one thing is unable to get the attention: the recovery rate of patients.

This pandemic has exposed the healthcare systems of even the developed world. Many doctors and other medical staff members are being infected by the virus or have even died while working overtime to help humanity. But their efforts are bearing the fruits.

The figures show that 133,373 patients have so far fully recovered in the world. However, 23,559 are in a critical condition which 5 percent of the active cases [436,715]

If we look at the recovery rate of different countries, 74,971 patients have so far recovered in China where the total cases and deaths are 81,394 and 3,295 respectively. Meanwhile, 886 people are in critical condition.

Interestingly, Iran is the second in the list with 11,133 people recovered so far. However, 2,883 are still in critical condition. The number of recovered cases is very important here as Iran is facing serious problems – shortage of equipment and medicines – because of the US sanctions.

Meanwhile, Italy, which tops the list with the most number of deaths, has seen 10,950 people recovered with 3,732 in a critical condition.

It is important to note that 46 doctors have so far died and 6,414 health workers infected in Italy.

Similarly, a total of 9,357 patients have recovered in Spain but 4,165, the most in the world as of now, are seriously ill. The respective numbers for France are 5,700 and 3,787 respectively.

But in the case of the US, which tops the list with the most number of cases [104,256], the number or ratio of patients recovering is lower than others with 2,525. It is perhaps because of the fact that the pandemic is still at its initial stage in the country with the curve moving upward at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, the number of critically ill people currently stands at 2,494.

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