Netizens turn merciless over Jia Ali’s marriage: ‘I first thought HE was her father-in-law’

By: News Desk      Published: 04:54 PM, 28 May, 2021
Netizens turn merciless over Jia Ali’s marriage: ‘I first thought HE was her father-in-law’
Jia Ali with her husband.

Pakistani actress Jia Ali tied the knot with Imran Idrees, a Pakistani businessman from Hong Kong and a leader of the ruling Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf.

This is a phase of actress Jia’s existence when she must be exhilarated to start a new chapter with a person she deems worthy of spending the remaining years of her life however the way social media users are reacting to Jia’s marriage we believe the actress will have a hard time digesting all the criticism.

One netizen attacked Jia’s husband brutally: “Baal nahi hain magar paisa tou hai”.

We would like to add here that the actress is being accused of marrying the businessman solely due to his money and stature.

Another brutal comment from a social media user: “Wow itni lalchi aurat”.

But the comment which managed to stand out for us was: “I first thought HE was her father-in-law”.

The scenario everyone is building in their heads might prove to be disappointing as the actress surely looked young but she is a 48-year-old.

Imran Idrees is managing director at Imran Sports International, Hong Kong. He is also a founder of the United Cricket Club, Hong Kong and is famous for his passion for cricket and humanitarian works.

He has been a member of PTI Hong Kong since 1998.

Might be an unpopular opinion but judgements passed on mere assumptions mostly turn out to be unwise because if we take the situation optimistically maybe two lonely aged human beings found each other compatible and decided to spend the remaining years of their lives together?

We wish Jia and Imran the best of luck and may they find each other’s companionship enjoyable.

Jia Ali is known for her roles in dramas Band Khirkyon Key Peechey, Hum Tehray Gunahgaqar, Pukaar and Meer Abru.