PPP demands resignation of PTI govt, president

Rabbani warns country moving towards one-unit system

By: News Desk      Published: 03:21 PM, 28 Oct, 2020
PPP demands resignation of PTI govt, president
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PPP leader Raza Rabbani on Wednesday demanded the resignation of the PTI government, saying they were acting illegally and warned that the country was moving towards the one-unit system with the powers of provinces being curbed.

Moreover, Rabbani, who also asked President Arif Alvi to leave the office over the issue of the reference filed against Justice Faez Isa, said the Supreme Court verdict had exposed the government, adding that Article 89 was not kept in mind while moving against the Supreme Court judge.

He remarked that the President’s House had been turned into an ordinance factory, adding that the Parliament was being insulted and made worthless.

The Parliament is being bulldozed and not taken into confidence on any issue, noted the PPP leader who is a staunch supporter of provincial autonomy and one of the main architects of the 18th Amendment.

He noted that the PTI government was trying to grab the islands belonging to Sindh and Balochistan provinces, as he blasted the current setup for acting against the provinces’ constitutional powers.   

Rabbani – accompanied by other party leaders Sherry Rehman, Sussi Palijo and Maula Bux – told a press conference in Islamabad that all the component parties of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) wanted the government’s resignation.

Noting that attempts are under way to make all the institutions subservient to a person, he warned that the country was heading towards fascism.

“It is ought to happen when it is stated that ‘I am democracy and the Tiger Force is erected in the country,” the seasoned politician remarked, as he also mentioned the restrictions being imposed on media, students and labourers. 

The former Senate chairman also discussed the issue of privatisation, terming it illegal. He cited the example of the PIA-owned Roosevelt Hotel and said the privatisation had been approved by the federal cabinet which wasn’t the appropriate forum for the move.

He added the issue of inflation to the list of the PTI government’s failure and said nothing was done to curb the trend which affected the people adversely.

Stating that the National Security Committee has been made dysfunctional, the PPP leader also expressed his anger over the spike in terror activities and said the government was doing nothing on the subject.

About the foreign affairs and regional situation, Rabbani noted that any security deal between the United States and India would have far-reaching effects on the region.

Saying that the government is doing nothing on this front, he demanded that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should brief the Parliament on the issue.