China submits new climate plan days before COP26 summit

By: AFP      Published: 08:06 PM, 28 Oct, 2021
Chinese President Xi Jinping
China submits new climate plan days before COP26 summit

China, the world's largest polluter, on Thursday renewed its emissions cutting plan with a promise to peak its carbon pollution before 2030, according to a submission published on the UN's climate change website.

Beijing's new submission to the United Nations, just days before the COP26 climate summit, also confirmed its goal to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060 and slash its emissions intensity by more than 65 percent.

China, which is responsible for more than a quarter of all man-made emissions, announced last year that it would reach net zero emissions by around 2060.

Under the 2015 Paris Agreement, nations are required to submit renewed emissions cutting pledges -- known as Nationally Determined Contributions, or NDCs -- every five years. 

China had been a major holdout in renewing its plans to curb emissions, and its submission could help build momentum ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, which begins on Sunday. 

The UN says greenhouse gas emissions need to fall by nearly half by 2030 to keep the most ambitious Paris temperature goal of 1.5C in play.

This week it said countries' latest pledges -- not including China -- put Earth on course to warm 2.7C this century.