Federal govt not following Constitution, guilty of gas crisis: Sindh

By: News Desk      Published: 01:10 PM, 28 Sep, 2020
Federal govt not following Constitution, guilty of gas crisis: Sindh

Murtaza Wahab – the Sindh government spokesperson – on Monday said the federal government wasn’t following the Constitution and the province, as a result, had been facing a serious natural gas crisis.

Everything was clearly mentioned in the Constitution but nothing was being followed, said the spokesperson who blasted the PTI-led federal government at a press conference in Karachi.

He said Sindh produced 70 percent of natural gas in the country but domestic and industrial consumers were not getting the supply. The constitution clearly mentioned that the province with natural resources had the first right over their usage, Murtaza told reporters.

Everyone – domestic, industrial, and commercial consumers as well as transporters – was overwrought amid the current situation, the provincial government spokesperson said about the effects of the gas crisis faced by Sindh.

He also noted that Sindh generated the lion’s share of revenue but the industrial units not getting gas would naturally result in lower production and a further reduction in tax collection.

Furthermore, Murtaza added, the gas shortage was also resulting in reduced power generation which would also badly affect both industrial and domestic sectors as a consequence.

Prime Minister Imran Khan should not take notice of any issue, as the move had always resulted in a price hike and shortage in the market, he remarked with the increase in the prices of sugar, flour, medicines, and other daily use items.