Afridi pays tribute to Kashmir youth for braving Indian brutalities

Published: 12:41 AM, 29 Jul, 2020
Afridi pays tribute to Kashmir youth for braving Indian brutalities
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Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Shehryar Khan Afridi Tuesday paid tribute to Kashmir youth for braving Indian brutalities for their just right to self-determination.

“Kashmir freedom is not far now. The Indian regime under Narendra Modi has further internationalised Kashmir conflict,” he said while addressing the young Kashmir ambassadors at the Parliament House on Tuesday.

He continued: “Now the world is ready to intervene in and the successive offers by world leaders to resolve Kashmir reflect the success is not far away. You may be the lucky generation who may witness the freedom of Kashmir.”

He also alerted the youth about a hybrid war imposed on Pakistan through social media, saying: “The enemy is trying to distract Pakistani youth with lies and mendacity to divide and distract Pakistani youth on ethnic, linguistic, sectarian and religious lines.

“We need to remain cautious of the hybrid war that aims at dividing us. We need to shun the vicious propaganda of the enemy. Unity, discipline and patriotism are our best tools to frustrate the enemy’s designs.”

Afridi said that youth must stand firm for the cause of Kashmir and they should remember how bravely the people of Kashmir were sacrificing against the oppressive and occupant regime of India. 

 “Ms Aasiya Andrabi and her husband, Mohammad Qasim Faktu, have been jailed for decades now. Qasim Faktu has been in jail for past 28 years but he has never compromised on his commitment to freedom of Kashmir. This is unprecedented in our contemporary history. One wonders what makes these Kashmiri freedom lovers keep going despite Indian atrocities,” remarked Afridi.

He said there are thousands of Kashmiris who are languishing in jails for their wish and desire for freedom.

 “There are thousands of youth who are fighting occupation forces who are equipped with most modern weaponry. On the contrary, Kashmiri youth are fighting with stones and their commitment for freedom,” he added.

He said that Indian youth are busy on social media to spread lies to help cover up the bloodbath Indian forces are committing in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He urged youth to wake up and raise their voice to project the case of Kashmir as the occupant forces were killing Kashmiris with impunity.

"We need to wake up and wake up fast. We need to tell the world what's happening in Indian Occupied Kashmir. We need to play our role on social media by convincing the world what's happening in Kashmir where legitimate residents are being jailed and non-Kashmiri Indians are being brought to bring a demographic change. We need to stop creating another Palestine in our neighbourhood," he concluded.

Earlier the young ambassadors spoke on Kashmir and pledged to work for the Kashmir cause wholeheartedly. National anthems of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir were played on the occasion.