Usman Mukhtar’s ‘harasser’ Mehrooz Waseem reveals her side of the story 

By: News Desk      Published: 12:29 PM, 29 Jul, 2021
Usman Mukhtar’s ‘harasser’ Mehrooz Waseem reveals her side of the story 

Pakistani actor, director Usman Mukhtar came forward with an appalling revelation of a former female colleague harassing him to the point that he suffered mentally.

However we only got to hear Mr. Mukhtar’s side of story. Now Usman’s ‘harasser’ has come forward to shed light on all the details that should be dwelled upon as it has become apparent both parties have their own version of accusations.

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The woman who Usman Mukhtar is accusing to be his ‘harasser’ is a digital creator: Mehrooz Waseem.

Mehrooz declared that she had appointed Usman Mukhtar as a director in the year of 2016 to direct a song which is known as ‘Azaad’.

However, Usman was demanding a lot of money for his services but then decided to give the digital creator some discount.

Miss Mehrooz further reveals that Usman had no work ethics and used to discuss his private life with her.

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Also he took immense pleasure in discussing women and their looks.

Usman didn’t end up completing the video project and it had to be completed by Miss Waseem.

Miss Waseem had to contact the director in order to get the work done however Usman didn’t think it was important to answer.

But then actor Mukhtar filed a complaint against Mehrooz in the FIA accusing her of various allegations.

Usman Mukhtar had also accused the woman harassing him of blaming the actor for being responsible for his mother’s poor health.

To which Mehrooz responded that she offered kind words for his mother and the director didn’t even bother to reply.

Mehrooz further revealed that Mukhtar has 10 servants at home and a special nurse for his mother and the actor only uses his mother for his Instagram content.