Amna announces divorce from Usman Malik over Uzma Khan affair

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 11:17 AM, 29 May, 2020
Amna announces divorce from Usman Malik over Uzma Khan affair

One viral video after another, Amna Usman who is said to be the daughter of one of country’s top business tycoons, has been on the top trends for twitter.

Multiple viral videos on social media showed two women entering actress Uzma Khan’s house and threatening her for allegedly having an affair with a man named Usman Malik.

In a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Thursday, actress Uzma Khan said: “I’m grateful to the media who came for my support. All the allegations Usman’s wife is putting against me in the video are wrong. I saw Usman’s wife for the first time that night. I had two years’ relationship with him and we were about to get married.”

Now, the wife of the man at the centre of the story, Amna Usman, Usman Malik’s wife, has come out with another video.

In the video uploaded on twitter, Amna said she is going to file for divorce with Usman Malik.

“I tried a lot to save my married life with Usman. I used to give him warnings but he didn’t listen. After knowing about the affair I gave him another chance. I sold my property, jewellery and car just because he said I am facing a financial crisis.” she said.

She further added, “But then I realised all my property is going to Uzma Khan. My husband stole all my jewellery to gift it to Uzma. My in-laws were so supportive of me that they didn’t support their son, they were in my favour.”

She said that nobody is sparing him from this incident. He is just as much to blame as Uzma Khan and that he will pay the price. She announced a divorce with him.

Earlier, after Uzma Khan's statement took over social media, Amna Usman released a video statement clarifying that Malik Riaz's name was being dragged in to malign his image.

She said there was a conspiracy to extort money from the realtor by Hassan Niazi, Uzma's legal counsel. This is another nephew in the equation. Hassan Niazi is Prime Minister Imran Khan's nephew.

Amna said in the video, “As far as barging into someone's home is concerned, this was not their house. This was my husband's other house which I followed him to so basically this was my husband's home and I have every right to be there. I repeatedly warned this girl. This was not the first time I approached her.”