Sheheryar Munawar asked by netizens to practise what he preaches

By: News Desk      Published: 12:37 PM, 30 Apr, 2021
Sheheryar Munawar asked by netizens to practise what he preaches
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Practise what you preach: Social media users’ significant mantra against Pakistani actor and film producer Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui’s ‘double-standard sermonizing’ regarding following Covid-19 SOPs due to an alarming surfacing of cases. 

Pakistani actor Sheheryar Munawar is widely celebrated for his excellent acting skills and he has worked in chart-topping Pakistani projects however his fans are now not in approval of his ‘hypocrisy’.

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Sheheryar was seen celebrating and taking an active part in the birthday festivities of Pakistani actor, model and plastic surgeon Fahad Mirza.

The birthday celebration was arranged by Fahad and his wife Pakistani model, film, television and voice actress Sarwat Gillani.

When the pictures from the birthday bash were shared on social media consisting of a lot of influential Pakistani stars, the Pakistani public was shaken at how there were no Covid-19 SOPs being followed at the birthday considering the situation and how dangerous the effects of corona are proving out to be, this was a shock for the netizens and they did not hesitate in showering their disapproval in the form of comments.

Sheheryar Munawar also attended Fahad Mirza’s birthday and was seen in a picture without wearing a mask. 

Recently, Sheheryar took to social media to reveal his anxiety over accelerating Covid-19 cases and the alarming number of deaths in Pakistan.

He urged everyone to follow all the Corona-related safety precautions.

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Considering how Sheheryar had just himself attended a birthday bash with no SOPs being followed, netizens were stunned at his hypocrisy and told him to practice what he preaches. 

Sheheryar wrote: “Highest number of death recorded in a single day yesterday in Pakistan since the start of the pandemic”.

“In this alarming situation let’s please play our part by following the SOPs”. 

An infuriated netizen commented: “Pakistani celebrities are most double-standard people. Always preaching about following SOPs and then attending night parties, weddings, birthday parties, pre-wedding parties, post-wedding parties etc. They should be arrested like common people”.

Sheheryar Munawar felt deeply insulted we think because he decided to respond immediately:

He declared that he had accepted the birthday invitation two weeks before and was compelled to go. However, he wasn’t expecting such a large gathering. He wished Fahad Mirza and left within five minutes. However, before leaving he was asked to take his mask off for a candid picture. Sheheryar took the blame for his actions and apologized profusely.