Video of anteater’s foreleg camouflaged as another head goes viral

By: News Desk
Published: 09:22 PM, 30 Jan, 2023
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A very peculiar and bizarre video showing an anteater with two heads flabbergasted the internet. The creature seemed to be eating and it appeared that it has another furry, white head assisting it. It actually turned out that what appeared to be its head was actually its arm which he put very near to its mouth for assistance.

The clip, shared on Twitter this week, shows the animal eating from a log, but it appears to have a second furry, white head assisting it.

The anteater moves its snout along the log of wood, with its arm which appeared like the other 'head' following it in unison.

The viral video was posted to twitter with the caption 'Took me a minute...', and has garnered more than 26 million views.

The clip was originally filmed at Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts.

One viewer replied: 'I thought the dude had two heads, took me five minutes to make sure I wasn't tripping'. One added: 'I still don't get what's happening. A two headed creature, one's an anteater, one is a goat. Three legs and a peacock tail? Why is he wearing shoes?'

The second 'head' is actually the anteater's camouflaged forearm.

In contrast to the body of the creature, the legs are white and fluffy, with bands of black around them like a panda. It has the effect of making the paws look as though they have a nose and eyes.

The clever adaptation, however, is not just there to scare off predators, but it also acts as a form of camouflage. Giant anteaters are largely solitary animals, with females only giving birth to one offspring a year. Once they are considered fully grown, usually around two years old, they leave their mothers.