Lahore schoolteacher, 3 others fired over sexual harassment

By: News Desk      Published: 03:45 PM, 30 Jun, 2020
Lahore schoolteacher, 3 others fired over sexual harassment

In response to the outpouring complaints, a private school administration in Lahore has fired its four employees including a teacher over allegations of sexual harassment of female students.

In this regard, District Education Authority Lahore has formed a three-member committee comprising of educationists and government officers to probe the matter and directed the committee to submit its findings along with "clear-cut recommendations" within three days to proceed further.

The four people are: a chemistry teacher, an administrative officer, an accountant and a janitor.

The school administration said that after they have received evidence against the accused, that include videos, photographs and inappropriate messages sent by them to students and all four persons involved were fired.

An ‘online petition’ was uploaded on by an anonymous petitioner. It said, “A wave of sexual harassment reports have surfaced against members of faculty of LGS 1-A/1; predominantly against Sir Umar, Sir Warraich, Sir Aitezaz, and numerous members of the custodial staff.”

“Numerous girls have been brave enough to step out and recall their sexual harassment stories and have shared them in hopes to receive the justice the administration of LGS 1-A/1 failed to provide,:” the petitioner said.

It continued: “The accused have been proven by reports of many students of not only using inappropriate language, but also invading girls’ privacy by touching them inappropriately and sending unsolicited pictures to young girls not more than 19/20.”

“We think it is imperative for the administration to take action against these perpetrators and we do not want the bravery of all these young girls who have had to suffer at the hands of these deplorable men to go to waste. Take action before it’s too late. Do NOT let more girls suffer.”

Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari also took notice of the incident. The minister on her official twitter account @ShireenMazari1 said that she had taken notice of serious harassment allegations of young girls and women at educational institutions and most recently at two premier private institutions in Lahore.”

She also appealed, “MOHR helpline 1099 is available for complaints & for help. Our regional offices have been alerted on this issue.”

Ministry of Human Right have also taken the notice and said, “Ministry of Human Rights has taken note of serious allegations of harassment at education institutions in Pakistan.”