Ahmad Ali Butt: The current ‘Item Boy’ of Pakistan

By: News Desk      Published: 03:42 PM, 30 Mar, 2021
Ahmad Ali Butt: The current ‘Item Boy’ of Pakistan
Ahmad Ali Butt: The current ‘Item Boy’ of Pakistan
Ahmad Ali Butt: The current ‘Item Boy’ of Pakistan

Actor Ahmad Ali Butt labelled himself an ‘item boy’ in a recent show. 

Ahmad Ali Butt, after losing an excessive amount of weight [rounding up to 25 kgs] was seen in ‘Ghabrana Mana Hai’ with Vasay Chaudhry declaring that he is actually an ‘item boy’ at heart.

“I just love to dance. Producer Nadeem Baig once promised me that he will give me a chance to dance in his film for sure, because I dance very well,” Ahmad shared.

“So when the song ‘24/7 Lak Hilna’ was being filmed, me and Urwa Hocane were selected for this song. And as I love to dance I gave my best for which I was being highly appreciated by the audience.”

“People were not expecting this from me at all. I love to dance since my childhood. I actually am an item boy,” Ahmad confessed.

Ahmad Ali Butt, who possesses a distinctive sense of humour, used to be an obese individual.

Recently Ahmad has had an intense transformation. The actor managing to shed a whole lot of pounds. 

Ahmad shared his weight loss secrets recently: “The isolation period during the Covid time helped me a lot in my weight loss journey. After Ramazan I started fasting regularly for a few months. It became an effective and helpful cycle for me,” Ahmad gives an insight in his weight loss journey.

“It took six or seven months to reduce my weight but when I came in public after losing 15kg weight, they were shocked. I have lost 25kgs weight till now,” he declared with pride. 

Ahmad Ali Butt is a Pakistani film actor, television host, comedian, keyboardist, rapper and singer-songwriter.