Another audio of Imran Khan, Asad, Qureshi discussing cypher surfaces

PTI chief tells aides how to turn cypher into a conspiracy: Imran keeps on calling transcript as letter in purported audio tape saying public doesn’t understand what is transcript: Tells his team to secretly write down minutes of our own choice: Wants to keep its photocopy: Asks his team not to mention America’s name in this matter in any case

By: News Desk
Published: 02:43 PM, 30 Sep, 2022
Another audio of Imran Khan, Asad, Qureshi discussing cypher surfaces
Caption: TV grab.
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Another audio tape involving PTI chief Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Asad Umar discussing how to deal with cypher was leaked on Friday. In the purported leaked audio tape, Imran kept on calling the transcript of the meeting simply a letter, exhibiting his unfamiliarity with the diplomatic jargon, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

After the leak of Imran Khan’s first cypher audio tape, another purported tape emerged on social media in which the former prime minister was talking to then foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, then planning minister Asad Umar and his then principal secretary Azam Khan directing them what they were required to do.

The whole thing has exposed how Imran manipulated the whole situation and spun his tale of lies regarding the American cypher.

In the audio tape, a voice believed to be that of Imran Khan can be heard talking with Qureshi.

Imran Khan tells Qureshi: “Shah ji, we want to hold a meeting tomorrow. You, Asad Umar, Azam Khan, foreign secretary and I will attend the meeting. We will tell the meeting that we will secretly have to write the minutes of our own choice. Azam Khan is suggesting writing minutes of the letter. We should keep its photocopy. This letter came on 8th but the meeting was held on 7th. We must not mention America’s name in any case. No one should utter America’s name.”

On this, a voice believed to be that of Asad Umar chipped in correcting Imran that it was not a letter rather it was a transcript of the meeting. 

The purported voice of Asad asked Imran: “Are you deliberately calling it a letter? It’s not a letter, it’s transcript of a meeting.”

To which the purported voice of Imran replied “It’s that, transcript of the meeting. Letter or transcript are the same things.”

The PTI chief further said “The public won’t understand the transcript. We have to say like this in public rallies.”

Earlier, in the first audio tape of Imran Khan leaked on Sept 28, he could be heard directing his then principal secretary that they should play with the cypher issue without taking the name of the United States. “Let’s play with it and make it foreign plot,” Imran Khan said.

In the audio clip of around one and a half minutes’ duration, the voice believed to be of Imran can be heard saying “We just have to play with it, by hiding the date and without naming US”.

Azam Khan suggests that a meeting of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Foreign Secretary should be held where Shah Mahmood Qureshi will be asked to read out the letter.

“So whatever he will tell us, I will type it down and convert it into minutes. After this, we will write the analysis as we deem fit, so it becomes part of the record”, he suggested.

Azam Khan further said that in the analysis, "We will say that the language used in the letter is termed a threat and the minutes of the meeting are in my hand as we can draft them according to our wishes."

After listening to his principal secretary’s suggestion, Imran Khan directs him to go ahead with the meeting.

Azam further said that foreign secretary should be called to the meeting so that this thing can be highlighted at the bureaucratic level, not just the political one. “You understand what I’m saying,” he asked Imran Khan.