Uzma Khan clarifies reports about deal with Amna Malik, fleeing to Dubai

By: Maqbool Ahmad      Published: 03:03 AM, 31 May, 2020
Uzma Khan clarifies reports about deal with Amna Malik, fleeing to Dubai
Amna Malik (L) and Uzma Khan

Model and actress Uzma Khan has denied the reports that she has patched the things up with Amna Malik and her family or fled to Dubai.

In a video message posted on Twitter early on Saturday morning, Uzma says she has been hearing reports about reconciliation between her and her tormentors, but there is no truth in these reports. She says she has not left Pakistan and she is still in Lahore. The written message accompanying her video reads: "I want to inform that I’m in Lahore. I request IG Punjab to meet me. Police officers are not cooperating and not even arresting Amber Malik, Amina and Pashmina. @ImranKhanPTI @ShireenMazari1 I request you to help me. My life is in danger #ArrestAmberMalik"

Uzma requested a meeting with the Punjab police chief, saying that some police officials are telling her to patch the things up with Amna Malik and her family, but some are supporting her. She says she will settle the things with Amna Malik if the Punjab police chief asks her to do so.

Uzma says she is being targeted even after what has happened to her. She says she is receiving phone calls from some people who are telling her to strike a “deal” with Amna Malik and her family, take some money from them and settle the issue. She says she is being told that her life is in danger -- the issue will resolve for now, but her and her sister’s life will be in danger later. She says she is being told that Amna Malik and her family will get her after a year or two, implicate her in some case or get her killed.

Responding to threats to her life, she says: “I’m already dead after what they have done to me. They have shamed me before the entire world.”

Narrating her ordeal after the video of the attack on her house went viral on the internet, Uzma says she did not leave her room for two days after Amna Malik and her family members leaked her video to the social media. She says she deleted her Instagram and Facebook accounts as she started receiving messages from people about the attack. She says she didn’t know what to do. She says then some of her friends gave her contact number of the lawyer who is now representing her in the court and she contacted him. She says she is thankful to her lawyer for his help.

Uzma Khan is a Pakistani actress and model. She started her career with the movie Waar (2013) and later appeared in the film Yalgaar (2017). She got fame from the movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (2015). The actress appeared in movie Teri Meri Love Story (2015). She also performed in TV dramas like Adhi Gawahi (2017) and Kaisi Aurat Hoon Main (2018). 

However, Uzma came in the limelight when Amna, a close relative of the richest real estate tycoon in Pakistan, some women of her family and their security guards stormed her house on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, filmed the entire episode on their phone and then posted the video on social media. As the video went viral, Amna took to Twitter to clear her position. In her video message on Twitter, Amna accused Uzma of having an affair with her husband Usman Malik.

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