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Fitness freak Sana Fakhar shares her workout session

Posted 11:56 AM, 30 Sep, 2022

Wealth may come to Libra folks from various sources, predict stars

Posted 09:19 AM, 6 Sep, 2022

Love at first sight is waiting to happen for Aries folks, predict stars

Posted 10:32 AM, 28 Aug, 2022

Stars predict Aries folks who are in love will find the day most fulfilling

Posted 10:29 AM, 14 Aug, 2022

Ukraine sees wartime marriage rush

Posted 03:52 PM, 28 Jul, 2022

Day can end up in complete bliss for Gemini newlyweds, stars predict

Posted 10:04 AM, 28 Jul, 2022

Secret of Kate Middleton’s slim physique unveiled  

Posted 03:06 PM, 20 Jul, 2022

Romantic relationship of Virgo folks faces threats, predict stars

Posted 11:02 AM, 10 Jul, 2022

Back payments likely to beef up bank balance of Libra folks, predict stars

Posted 10:17 AM, 8 Jul, 2022

Some of Gemini folks likely to earn big time, predict stars

Posted 11:30 AM, 5 Jul, 2022

Taurus folks can expect windfall profits, predict stars

Posted 09:58 AM, 30 Jun, 2022

Stars predict Aries folks set to purchase new car

Posted 11:34 AM, 29 Jun, 2022

Miltants storm India-backed yoga event in Maldives

Posted 04:30 PM, 21 Jun, 2022

Sania Mirza wows in eye-catching yoga clip

Posted 08:45 PM, 17 Jun, 2022

Today is an excellent day for Gemini folks to strike financial deals, predict ...

Posted 10:15 AM, 16 Jun, 2022

Stars alert Capricorn folks: the day is favourable for love

Posted 10:02 AM, 14 Jun, 2022

Stars suggest to Taurus folks: It’s good day to buy new vehicle

Posted 10:33 AM, 11 Jun, 2022

Surprise gift and candlelight dinner certain to impress lovers of Pisces folks

Posted 11:13 AM, 7 Jun, 2022

Trapped Indonesian ferry with 800 on board dislodged

Posted 03:16 PM, 19 May, 2022

Aliya Ali flaunts her yoga skills

Posted 11:59 PM, 14 May, 2022

Stars foresee good opportunity for Aries folks to make money

Posted 09:48 AM, 1 May, 2022

Food supplement to prove beneficial to health of Aquarius folks, predict stars

Posted 10:05 AM, 29 Apr, 2022

Stars tell Sagittarius folks to put into action a profit-making scheme

Posted 11:16 AM, 26 Apr, 2022

Financial woes get sorted out and financial boom is foreseen for Capricorn ...

Posted 12:04 PM, 3 Apr, 2022

Stars predict prayers of Sagittarius folks looking for love likely to be ...

Posted 10:44 AM, 22 Mar, 2022

State does not approve of homosexuality, HR Ministry tells FSC

Posted 02:44 PM, 4 Mar, 2022

Stars warn Taurus folks against their spending habits

Posted 12:26 AM, 22 Feb, 2022

Hareem Farooq believes ‘Sundays are meant for relaxing’

Posted 03:34 PM, 21 Feb, 2022

Kuwait army allows women in combat roles, but without guns

Posted 10:23 AM, 17 Feb, 2022

Stars predict Gemini folks can invest in property or mutual funds

Posted 12:47 AM, 12 Feb, 2022

Stars predict financial status of Gemini folks might see an upswing

Posted 12:40 AM, 8 Feb, 2022

Stars predict chances for getting married are very high for single Aries folks

Posted 08:29 AM, 5 Feb, 2022

Investments in immovable assets likely to bring gains to Leo folks, stars ...

Posted 12:23 AM, 2 Feb, 2022

Stars predict high romantic excitement as well as enthusiasm for Taurus folks

Posted 08:43 AM, 1 Feb, 2022

Are stars lined up in your favour? Find out astrological prediction for Jan 31

Posted 07:56 AM, 31 Jan, 2022

Stars say a boost in earning is foreseen for some Cancer folks

Posted 12:15 AM, 25 Jan, 2022