Young Pakistani climbs up highest peak outside Asia

Asad Memon ascends to 22, 783ft mountain peak Aconcagua in Argentina

By: 24 News      Published: 03:22 PM, 2 Feb, 2020
Young climber Awais Memon
Young climber Awais Memon
Young climber Awais Memon

 A 22-year-old Asad Memon, young Pakistani from Larkana, climbed the highest, 22, 783ft mountain peak Aconcagua in Argentina.

Located in Andes mountain range in Argentina, Aconcagua is considered as the highest mountain peak not only in South America but in the world outside Asia.

Asad Memon also carried with him 150-ft-long Pakistani and Kashmiri flag, weighing 10kg, waving it atop the peak to become the first Pakistani to have achieved the milestone.

He completed the entire journey to the peak in 20 days.


Asad Memon, an undergraduate student in Karachi, is originally from Larkana. According to a 24 News Tv report, Asad Memon dedicated his success to Pakistani Armed Forces and IHK Kashmiris, braving Indian brutalities.

According to Memon, there was no proper training or such facilities in Larkana. He attended a two-week training camp in Islamabad and that was how his journey as a mountain climber began.


It was the second mountain as part of the ‘Seven Summit Challenge’ in which Asad will climb seven of the highest peaks in all seven continents of the world.

Earlier in August 2019, the young athlete climbed up 18,510 ft high Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, located in Southern Russia near Georgian border.