Fayyaz Chohan uses teeth to cut ribbon 

By: News Desk      Published: 06:36 PM, 2 Sep, 2021
Fayyaz Chohan uses teeth to cut ribbon 

Punjab Minister for Prisons and Spokesperson of Punjab Government Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan is famous for showing his teeth when it comes to opposition to rip them apart.

However, this time Chohan uses his teeth literally in a unique fashion when he cut a ribbon with them to open an electronics shop in Rawalpindi instead of using the scissors.

Scenes of the provincial minister using teeth for ribbon-cutting during the inauguration ceremony surfaced on social media via a short video, which was more satirical and humorous than the laughter heard in the video on the timelines.

When the blunt scissor failed to cut the ribbon, Chohan tried to 'solve the problem through awakening', which attracted some consumers, while others were interested in how the 51-year-old minister cares about dental strength.

Commentators on the short-lived video mentioned the provincial minister's specific style of conversation and admitted that Chohan's teeth move as fast as he speaks at this age.

His feet may also tempt many toothpaste making companies to attempt to hire him for the future advertisement.

Chohan, who hails from Faisalabad, has been elected a member of the provincial assembly from Rawalpindi on a PTI ticket. He has also held information ministries in the current provincial cabinet, including prisons and colonies.

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