Here is the truth to Imran Abbas’ burning RED LIPS

By: News Desk      Published: 04:09 PM, 3 Jun, 2021
Here is the truth to Imran Abbas’ burning RED LIPS
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Pakistani actor, singer, producer and former model Syed Muhammad Imran Abbas Naqvi commonly known as Imran Abbas is accused of using make-up in an excessive amount and some even believe that the actor’s makeup routine is much more complex than the existing project’s hired lead actress.

But one must do anything to look good on screen. Are we right or are we right? 

Actor Imran Abbas is considered to be one of the best-looking actors of the industry but now we have started to wonder whether Imran’s ‘beauty’ is due to his extensive make-up rituals?

That would be disappointing if it’s true!

At the set of ‘G Sarkar with Nauman Ijaz’, a cast member satiated his burning curiosity by asking Imran whether he uses ‘Surkhi’. 

Surkhi is lipstick, in case you didn’t know.

When we say we were utterly baffled by Imran’s response, we are definitely not joking.

Imran denied all the ‘Surkhi’ claims being imposed on him by saying, “No I don’t use Surkhi (Lipstick) and I want to say this on air that I don’t use it”.

Are you sure Imran? Your extremely ‘pink’ lips are not defending your claim.

Social media users are labelling the actor a hypocrite and that he is definitely a make-up lover.

Also we are stunned at Imran’s courage which caused him to openly deny using make-up whereas it is evident in each of his serials that he always has heavy makeup lathered all over his face. 

Let’s clear the air here that Imran putting on lipstick might be an issue for some people however this is the norm in every showbiz industry around the world. Artists are required to look exceptionally good on screen therefore each artist uses at least some makeup before the shooting begins. 

So let’s not take it personally, shall we?